The Eagles - Hotel California

老鷹合唱團 - 加州旅館


  寫作並主唱這首歌的團員唐亨利表示,歌詞內容是反映他們生活在好萊塢必須面對的殘酷現實,那段日子對他們而言,每天都像是萬聖節一樣,充滿了性、毒品與精神上的各種試煉。然而,這首長達六分多鐘的作品,在當時 卻引起許多衛道人士的攻訐,原因是經過六十年代越戰以及嬉皮運動啟蒙的美國社會,風氣日漸開放,吸食大麻、迷幻藥以追求自我解放的年輕人日益增多,流行音樂界有許多藝人靠著迷幻藥來尋找創作靈感,更是做了最不良的示範。70年代的美國樂壇,就有好幾位重量級的藝人因為吸食過量而斃命,包括「門戶合唱團」(The Doors)的主唱吉姆莫里森(Jim Morrison)、吉米罕醉克斯(Jimi Hendrix)、珍妮絲賈普琳(Janis Joplin)。許多衛道人士憂心世風敗壞,紛紛指陳搖滾樂腐蝕人心,教唆青少年吸毒犯罪,呼籲電台禁播這類歌曲,甚至在街頭當眾銷毀大批的搖滾唱片。「加州旅館」這首當紅的歌,成了眾矢之的,衛道者指責這首歌,就是在描述一個吸毒者的天堂,是撒旦的大本營。



On a dark desert highway

  Cool wind in my hair

  Warm smell of Colitas rising up through the air

  Up ahead in the distance

  I saw a shimmering light

  My head grew heavy and my sight grew dimmer

  I had to stop for the night

  There she stood in the doorway

  I heard the mission bell

  And I was thinking to myself

  'This could be heaven or this could be hell'

  Then she lit up a candle

and she showed me the way

  There were voices down the corridor

  I thought I heard them say---

  Welcome to the Hotel California

  Such a lovely place (such a lovely face)

  Plenty of room at the Hotel California

  Any time of year,

  you can find it here

  Her mind is Tiffany-twisted

  She got the Mercedes Benz

  She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys

  That she calls friends

  How they dance in the courtyard

  Sweet summer sweats

  Some dance to remember

  Some dance to forget

  So I called up the Captain

  'Please bring me my wine'

  He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here

since nineteen sixty nine'

  And still those voices

are calling from far away

  Wake you up in the middles of the night

  Just to hear them say---

  Welcome to the Hotel California

  Such a lovely place (such a lovely face)

  They living it up at the Hotel California

  What a nice surprise, bring you alibis

  Mirrors on the ceiling

  The pink champagne on ice

  And she said

  'We are all just prisoners

here of our own device'

  And in the master's chambers

  They gathered for the feast

  They stab it with their steely knives

  But they just can't kill the beast

  Last thing I remember

I was running for the door

  I had to find the passage back

  To the place I was before 'Relax',

  said the night man

  'We are programmed to receive

  You can check out any time you like

  But you can never leave'



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